We are the shadows
and the formless
the tears of shrunken men
cowering in the night

We are the followers
the walking announcers
espousing virtue
none of it light

We are the mask wearers
the mark bearers
mouth hiders
grimacing in self loathing

Take our children
and the future
shape your nightmare

We won’t forgive what we have
Become. The Netflix induced
automatons ripping
the forest in the name of Amazon

Warriors no more
primed to take a knee
schooled to preach victim
Where all lives matter
becomes the ridicule of hate

What fear drives this?
a cauldron of spells
in a world of faces
now bird song is venom

The hate preachers anoint
their flock with icons
no longer able to share
true connection

Denied by their self
imposed routine
of distance

Flocking to the open cage
when not too long from now
the door will close
and with it our freedom